1. Burj Khalifa

Looking at the Dubai skyline, one of the structures that really stand out is the Burj Khalifa. This 828m high skyscraper currently holds the record for the tallest building in the world. This world-class attraction also draws in people due to the spectacular views of Dubai that can be seen from the observation decks in the 124th and 148th floors of this building.

The Dubai Mall

Located just a few minutes’ walks from the Burj KhalifaThe Dubai Mall is a massive complex and home to a whole range of entertainment, shopping and dining experiences. Among the favourite spots in the Dubai Mall include the huge cinema complex, the ice skating rink and the gaming zone. There are also events like concerts and fashion shows that are held in the mall.

Dubai Desert Safari

Sand-boarding and camel riding in the Emirati desert through a Desert Safari in Dubai. Book overnight desert safari to enjoy the dancers performing while you eat a barbecue and shawarma dinner.

Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi

If you are into museums, the Dubai Museum will be a perfect stop for you. Both the Emirati national and Dubai local governments invested heavily in preserving this fort that served as a prison, garrison and seat of government at different points in its lifetime. A few of the displays in the museum are old maps, ancient musical instruments and weaponry.

Jumeirah Mosque

Considered by a lot of tourists as the most beautiful mosque in Dubai, the Jumeirah Mosque is a prime specimen of the best of Islamic architecture. Bearing some similarities with the Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, it successfully marries traditional design with modern sensibilities through the tours, classes and cultural meals offered inside.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

The Dhow cruise Dubai Marina offers a luxurious dinner experience and a wonderful evening for you. The highly decorated dhow cruise will always have a festive and entertaining environment for the guests. You can enjoy delectable food on board and enjoy traditional Middle Eastern music. The view of the Dubai skyline from the dhow cruise ship too is simply stunning.

Deira (souks/markets)

The Deira, located in the northern bank of the Dubai Creek, is where visitors will be able to find souks or traditional markets. Arguably the most popular of these souks is the Deira Gold Souk, which is known for being the world’s largest gold bazaar. You may also go to the Deira Spice Souk to purchase almost every available spice imaginable.

Sheikh Zayed Road

This eight-lane road runs through this urban metropolis and gives access to the best destinations within the city limits. Among the attractions that line up on its sides include the Gold and Diamond Park and the Dubai World Trade Tower.

Burj Al Arab

Popularly known as the world’s only seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab offers luxury accommodation like no other. Located on a dedicated artificial island on the coastline, the hotel has a recognizable sail-like structure that has become one of the symbols of Dubai’s economic success. Inside the Burj Al Arab, people can enjoy the Al-Mahara underwater restaurant or the Sky-view Bar at the 27th floor.

Jumeirah Beach

The Jumeirah Beach is the recipient of a lot of the praise thrown the way of Dubai due to the variety of activities that can be done there like picnics, water sports and sun bathing. Visitors also do not have to pay a big amount of money as it is publicly owned.

Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of the Emirates is perhaps the Dubai Mall’s biggest competition for the city’s most popular mall. What makes the first mall unique is the Ski Dubai facility inside, where people can view penguins and do skating. It also has its own set of entertainment, shopping and dining options.

Dubai Theme Parks and Water-parks

Not long ago, Dubai suddenly became host to various new theme parks such as Lego-land Dubai, Motion-gate Dubai, Bollywood ParksIMG Worlds of Adventure, Lego-land Water-park. These family theme parks opened to the public in the same year and have added to the list of attractions for families to have a fun experience together. This is on top of the Aqua-venture and Wild Wadi water-parks that have been in Dubai for some time. Just take your pick among these various places as each of them is a destination for the whole family to enjoy.

Dubai Opera

The Dubai Opera is a new addition to the wide range of entertainment venues in the city. So far, it has become host to many concerts and theatre productions like ballet, classical music and even comedy events. Be awed by its theatre building, which can be occupied by up to 2,000 people at any one point.

La Perle by Dragone Show

One of the newer attractions of Dubai is the amazing aqua-based theater conceptualized by the legendary Franco Dragone. This is a 1.5 hour show that promises acrobatic stunts, light and water displays, and a high-tech show that can rival shows from Las Vegas and Macau.

Dubai Miracle Garden

The largest flower garden in the world can be found in a desert! The Dubai Miracle Garden is a popular tourist attraction and stays true to its name considering how so many flowers are in full bloom and prepared for a few months for families to visit. The size of the area and the number of followers planted here during winter season is good enough reason to visit the place.

Dubai Frame

Another new attraction, you can visit the Dubai Frame and have a view of the Dubai skyline from both Old Dubai and New Dubai. This is located in Zabeel Park and offers a glimpse as you go through past, present and future Dubai.

Dubai Marina

Aside from the Sheikh Zayed Road, another area to visit that is the water district of Dubai Marina. Take a leisurely stroll as you explore this water district and amazing architecture. There are plenty of restaurants in the area so you can grab a bite to eat there, while you admire the towering skyscrapers around.

Palm Jumeirah Island

This is a group of islets shaped into a palm tree which features several luxury hotels and resorts as well as residences. In terms of visiting it, this is a bit tricky because when you travel to Palm Jumeirah, you cannot really see the shape of the island unless you see it from afar. Either viewing it from a tower in Dubai Marina, or riding a seaplane, helicopter, or by skydiving.

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